Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Quilt for Baby K--Suggestions?

I'm working with my collection of reproduction vintage fabrics to make a special Grandma quilt for our newest little granddaughter.

Repro vintage prints make me happy--they remind me so much of the treasured quilts, made by my own grandmas, that were in our house when I was a child. A couple of which are mine today!

I've spent some enjoyable time hovering over my stash, and came up with a pleasing group of colors and pieces. So far, I've made 13 random 9-patch squares, then chose 12 of the same pieces and made the alternating applique' hearts.

I always seek the advice of my expert quilt block arranger (daughter Lol) when laying out a quilt, but in this case it doesn't seem to matter too much how the blocks are arranged, the colors and pieces are so random!

So, I have the blocks dealt out on my dollar store design wall, ready to be stitched together. At that point, the quilt will measure 28 inches by 28 inches.

So. . .what next? It definitely needs to be larger, so I'm thinking borders. Pieced? Narrow? Print? Multiple? If so, how many? I'll audition a few ideas with my stash fabrics and think.

Any ideas?



  1. it's a lovely quilt that you've put so much thought into..i wonder if the white would work as a border too..i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with..jane

  2. I was just thinking white, too! Maybe a narrow white border first, then something wider... and I think I vote for a wider pieced border after the white!

  3. Jane and Care--I like the idea of white! I would help accent the blocks, as well as set off an additional colored or pieced border. Thanks!


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