Monday, July 25, 2011

Miniatures Monday--a Tea Party!

The furniture from my dear, departed dollhouse has been packed away for quite some time, but I do get it all out now and then to dream over it and think of playing again.

And inspiration struck! My 1/12 dollhouse furniture, (lovingly crafted years ago by me) is just the right proportion for my Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls!! Too fun!

So, last week my two girls Jane and Dot (on the left) invited two of Care's girls, Lolly and Soleil (on the right) to a tea party at my house. A good time was had by all--especially Care and me!

It's fun to think again about all these parts of my dollhouse furniture collection--I do love tiny things, especially making them! I made many of the things here--the teapot and dishes are a treasured souvenir from the Washington, DC Dollshouse Museum, and the dining table is a splurge from a shop. My friend Vickie painted the tiny oil painting (thanks, Vickie!) and a few of the accessories were gifts from friends.

The shelves and the Arts and Crafts chairs are made of basswood, and the rug is made from one side of a BigLots handbag (I have another just like it!) The chandelier was a club project. The shelves display my miniature teapot collection, made of beads and scraps--I hope to post a better photo of them another time. Dot is holding her doll, Nancy--you could see a couple more photos of the girls on my Flickr photostream, if you like!


  1. It was way too much fun, and the photos turned out SO CUTE! Let's do more!! :o)

  2. looks like the girl's had a fun time. If there are more fotos, I would love to see them sometime. So cute.

  3. Hee hee! Additional photos on Care's blog, of course!


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