Friday, February 25, 2011

Wool Owlets!

I've been amassing a collection of wool fabric, both new and used, for years now--so when Linds showed me these charming little owls on line, I knew I had to make them for her birthday.

If you visit the above site, you will find an excellent tutowlrial for making these guys--the little ones, whoo are about 2-1/2" high, are made according to the pattern. I enlarged the pattern to make the parents, whoo are about 5" high. Note the squidgy-looking one--I thought I would try him as a little rice hand-warmer to heat in the microwave.

The grandkids had big fun helping me go through the button box to choose and place the eyes--I love their expressions!

Happy birthday to Linds!


  1. Yeah! I love my owlets! I found a special place for them where they can observe everything. Thanks for the special gift :)

  2. These are super cute! What a fun idea!


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