Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thrift Store Decor, #1!

I do believe I will feature some of my thrift-store decor for the next little while--welcome to Thrift Store Decor, #1!

While out and about on thrift store outings I generally have several ideas in the back of my mind--things to look for and think about. They're often ideas for small collections or arrangements, and it's fun to see how the different ideas work out over the course of time.

I was captivated last year by a picture in a magazine of an arrangement of three brightly-colored (and quite expensive) glass vases of different sizes and shapes, and (naturally) asked myself what the thrift-store equivalent might be. I added 'colored glass vases' to my mental thrift store list and, with a little seeking over the course of several months, found three I quite like!

I think they work together in several ways--first, there is a pleasing contrast in the shape, the color, and the size, and second, there is a pleasing continuity in the material and the intensity of color. Note how I did raise the green one slightly with a little old thrift-store copy of 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran.

The vases range from 8" to 10" high, and although they are more interesting than most, I suppose they must be florists' vases. I must admit that the inspiration vases in the magazine were somewhat bigger--and so was the price!

Mine averaged $1.00 each, and they look great on my piano!

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