Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Curtain Rod Finials--$.33!

I've at last carried out a very small project I have been anticipating happily--new finials for my much-updated living room curtain rod. Recognize them?

This is actually the original rod I hung in the living room years ago, and has had many incarnations over the years:

--a brown traverse drapery rod with plastic 'wood' finials (70's)
--a plain rod covered with a puffy valance, traverse works removed (80's)
--spray-painted gold, then supported by 'new' gold wood thrift-store brackets (90's)

Along the way it lost its dated finials, and since the rod is a hollow tube, the difficulty has been in attaching any new (or 'new') finials to its ends.

Earlier this year,inspiration struck, and I have been happily anticipating the advent of the Christmas decorations at the dollar store. A tube of six plastic ornaments for $1.00, and I'm set! I snipped off the nub holding the hook, cut a one inch circle in the ball with my kitchen shears, and put it over the end of the rod. I think I'm so smart!

And I still have 4 more ornaments!


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