Sunday, October 10, 2010

Second Cabin Project--Sweater Flower!

One more product of Karen's sweater-project bag at her cabin--she has been making fabulous flowers from bits of sweater and scraps of fabric. Here's one made with a bit of our pumpkin-colored sweater!

Karen says instructions are most likely available on the web--for our version, we cut an 8" piece, 1-1/2" wide, along the finished edge of the sweater's ribbing, and stitched it into a ring. We gathered the cut edge and pulled the stitches up tight, making a flower shape.

We stitched a torn strip of scrap fabric into a ring and folded it along the center of the strip, then gathered the folded edge in the same way, pulled it tight, and stitched the fabric circle securely to the sweater circle.

By then it was looking a lot like a poppy, but we had no black scraps for the poppy's center, and then Care had a brilliant idea: we clipped the black tag from the back of the sweater's neckline, and made another tiny flower shape for the center! (Good thinking, Care!) The printing is almost invisible. When I got home, I glued some gold-washed black seed beads (scrounged from a tacky old ear ring in my stash) to the center, for some poppy-like texture.

I'll stitch a safety pin to the back, and wear my new fall creation! Or maybe it will become a magnet for the fridge. . .


  1. That's so pretty!! You're making me want to dig into my old sweater stash! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:



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