Monday, October 4, 2010

Back Home Again--With Recycle Pumpkins!

We've been away, spending time with family at their beautiful cabin far away from it all--in peace, quiet, and perfect autumn weather! Lots of cooking, eating, talking, relaxing, and beautiful fall scenery, some cactus spines in a couple of small boys--and, a few projects!

Karen pulled out her sweater-project bag, stashed with thrift store sweaters, fabric scraps and a few other odds and ends, and we were inspired to create! A burnt-orange sweater shouted 'pumpkin' to us, and we ended up with an entire pumpkin-patch worth--with green stems fashioned from bits of another knit top.

The pumpkins are fashioned from various-size rectangles of sweater, stitched into tubes and then gathered tightly at one end. We turned them tight-side out and stuffed them with cut-up bits of another sweater until they were nice and plump, and tucked the remaining raw edge to the inside, gathering it closed.

I happened to have a little brown yarn in my knitting bag, and used it to give the sweater balls a pumpkin shape by stitching up through the center of the pumpkin, bringing the yarn around the side, and back up through the center repeatedly (think of a tomato pincushion). The stems are strips of green knit, folded long way, rolled up, and stitched raw-edges-down into the top hollow.

We also snitched a piece of wire from the on-going electrical project downstairs and covered it with green twill tape picked off our knit top, and added the green spiraled tendrils to a few of the pumpkins--sorry no photo, but it was indeed cute! We stitched the end of the spiral under the stem.

Big fun creating with just what's around! I love how the little guys look so velvety. The little pumpkins went home with various people, and it looks like it's back to regular life for us-- rested and refreshed!


  1. SO stinking cute! I want to make some. I'll be on the lookout for the perfect sweater!

  2. Your getaway sounds like it was both restful and very productive. Congratulations!

  3. they are So cute! Glad you had fun at the cabin!

  4. Very cute! Thank you for sharing with us!


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