Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift Thursday--The Green Stool

A few years ago, I was delighted to find this bentwood stool at the thrift store for $5.oo--a little steep, I thought, but it does appear to be authentically vintage and is solid and in good condition. And I am a sucker for fun stools and chairs and small tables!

It had been spray-painted this light green, including the leather seat, which is actually in very good shape considering its age. And for added glamour, when Joy-joy sat on it in her sparkly dress-up gown, the stars printed off on the green seat, and have lasted for months!

It turns out The Green Stool is the seat of choice for visiting grandkids, and they have devised a strict rotation for taking turns--the rules do vary slightly in the different families.

I guess $5.oo was a pretty good buy after all!

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  1. $5.00 for The Green Stool is a great deal. When is my turn?


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