Friday, August 20, 2010

. . .From a Single Pair of Ear Rings???

I do love beads! I've been admiring the longer bead-and-chain necklaces that are so popular, and thought I might come up with some of my own to wear this fall.

In spreading my bead stash around and admiring it, I found an astonishing pair of ear rings that I could not resist bringing home from my dad's craft stash after he died--I'm thinking he got them from a yard sale. My great regret is that I neglected to take a photo to document their fabulousity-ALL the beads for this necklace, except the two crystal shaped ones (cut off a beaded napkin ring from the thrift store), are from the one pair of ear rings. And there are significant parts left over! It almost boggles the mind.

I just wasn't able to work in the bead clusters--they sent the whole project right over the edge. And, I still have one fabulous round bead! I suppose the clusters could be ear rings by themselves, but I have to confess that I. . .well, I just don't consider them tasteful.

Even the many jump rings and brass washers were a part of the original ear rings, so I just had to re-configure it all and add the chain. I made mine 30" long, so no clasp is needed.

From fabulous ear rings to fabulous necklace!

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