Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unfinished Project of Horror, Part 4

This last weekend I took my updated blocks and consulted daughter Lol, my official Consultant for Block Layout--Lol has an excellent eye for color and flow.

We came up with what we think is a pleasing, balanced arrangement, with yellow and blue bordered blocks alternating checkerboard-style. And a peculiarly unbalanced photo. Sorry!

One difficulty in the arrangement was that with so few pleasing combinations of fabrics left in the 'good' selection of blocks, several of the them are negative images of each other--background/star with star/background--and others are similar enough to seem alike to the eye. The challenge is to separate them enough that they don't seem redundant.

Another major factor are the four blocks with pink background--we knew there would need to be one pink background in each row of three in order to distribute them pleasingly. It took some shuffling, since moving one block usually produces a domino effect as the combination of colors changes.

I have to say that I think our plan is very pleasing--the colors and shapes flow very nicely to the eye. One thing that surprised us is how the orange and the green flow together so well. The whole thing may be starting to become quite un-horrible!

We are thinking the whole thing will need an outer border to confine and outline it. I'm thinking a scrap border of bright pinks, slightly wider than the inner borders. I'll consult my stash.


  1. I honestly can't believe they are the same blocks! It is starting to look -- dare I say -- CUTE!

  2. It's really coming together. Those colors are so cheerful. I can see some child totally delighted to make it their own!


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