Friday, July 2, 2010

Unfinished Project of Horror, Part 3

I tripped over my cat and wrenched my sore knee, so this week I've been somewhat less eager to hobble down the stairs to my sewing room. This does mean a little more time to sit and knit, BUT I think I am ready to steel myself and work on my awful stack-and-whack stars! I have decided to approach this on two fronts:

l. I'll frame each block with a solid color--thanks for the comments and suggestions! Thank you, ladies--I think you're right. The solids should calm and confine the blocks, yet still help them to relate to each other.

2. Although I kept telling myself I could make a second quilt that wouldn't be THAT bad, I have hobbled out to the dumpster and tossed in the twelve most offensive blocks. Yes--didn't even inflict them on some unsuspecting thrift store shopper! The buck stops here. It was tricky, since I absolutely abhor waste, but sometimes you just have to take a stand! (I think that when I'm tempted to say something 'isn't THAT bad', it probably is.) I will not be contaminating someone else's world with blocks of horror.

(And, on an aside, does this seem familiar?

It occurs to me that this, the worst of the departed blocks, is the fabric equivalent of Edvard Munch's well-known painting, 'The Scream'.)

So, I have auditioned the twelve more acceptable blocks on three backgrounds: blue, green, and yellow. Each of the pieces is from my stash, since this is a strictly a scrap project. I like the effect of the all the colors with the blocks, but I think the blue and the yellow make the best combination, so I'll frame half the blocks in each color and plan to set them together checkerboard-style.

I'm thinking a fairly wide strip to frame each block--2-1/2"? Off to the sewing machine!


  1. I think this should actually turn out quite nice, now that the 'vomit' print squares have made their way to a proper resting place. I really do like it now.

  2. Wow! each background color makes them 'pop' differently. Have fun! Sorry about your wrenched knee. Hope you recover quickly.


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