Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrift Thursday--Sugar Bowl and Shaker Tray!

I dearly love ceramic kitchenware! The shapes, color, and smooth shiny finish are so satisfying. When I found this shapely green lobed dish at the thrift store, it seemed just the thing to display some of my odd sugar bowls, jam jars, and shakers.

I believe I paid $1.00 for the green dish--it seems quite vintage to me, but it's marked 'microwave safe' on the bottom, so perhaps not. I enjoyed taking some time to group things from my collection, coming up with just the right combination of shapes, sizes, and colors.The banana and the cherry salt shakers make me especially happy!

All these fruits were picked up over the years on thrift store forages, except the tiny watermelon tea pot, which was a special gift. I love them!


  1. Fun showing of the pieces you have collected!

  2. Love it!! The Cherry is my fav ♥

    Would love it if you add this post to my Thrift Thursday link party :)

    take care and happy shopping ;)


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