Monday, July 26, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Victorian Armoire!

The centerpiece of my Victorian vignette is this beautiful armoire, made (with many of the small and elegant projects it displays) in our club meetings.

I loved arranging all the small details, walking around the room in my mind. The 'ivory' elephant in the glass dome (the end of a test tube on a button) is a1930's celluloid charm given to me by my grandma Hilda when I was small. Our Victorian lady must love perfume (or maybe she's a hand lotion addict like me)--there are many more perfume and cosmetic bottles made from beads, and her plants are made from green floral tape. Caps from ointment and toothpaste tubes can make great planters and pots!

The ribbon-wrapped linens on the top shelf are actually Kleenex--they'd be great in many colors. The 'gold' frame nest to the bottles is a sticker, and its
photo is clipped from a magazine.

The pink ribbon-wrapped tray on the third shelf down holds her wonderful tiny jewelry made of the tiniest beads--wish it showed better. Next to it is a tiny hand mirror and hair brush. On the bottom shelf is a set of floral bed linens with lace trim, and the corner of a lace shawl is hanging from the drawer. I love the lace shelf edging!

On the top shelf inside the door is a decorated commercial miniatures hat to shade our Victorian lady from the sun, with her elegant clothes hanging below. Her high-necked lace blouse is made from a bit of lace trim, and her long, full skirt is in a tiny pink check print. She has another lacy blouse folded next to a box of treasures. The tiny suitcase was a gift, along with the work basket containing her petit point project.

It's the perfect retreat.

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  1. Each time I see your miniatures, I am floored anew!


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