Friday, June 25, 2010

Thrift Thursday--Avocado and Asparagus!

I just love these two dishes, and I have to say I think the combination of their color and shape is fabulous!

Let me also say that I did not previously have an avocado-shaped OR an asparagus-themed dish, so it was quite the find when I found them both on the same thrift-store outing! I'm displaying them nested together--I love the contrast. The interior color and shading of the avocado and the texture and color of its rind just make me happy!

The aparagus dish is 10-1/2" by 4", and the avocado dish is 7" long, and I think I paid $1.75 for them together.

I often wonder, when I see like-themed items at the thrift store, if they came from the same person. More likely, it's just the random fortuity of it all!

I've been quilting like mad on my Navajo quilt whenever opportunity arises, but my work has picked up at last and there's slightly less scope for projects. And the yard always calls! But there will always be time to sew. . .


  1. Very fun! I love kitchen things that are made to look like fruit. I have multiple salt and pepper shaker sets that resemble everything from old fashioned soda drinks to slices of bread in a toaster!

  2. You are a very fortuniate thrift shopper. I love all the cute food shapes you have found. I have a cute set of corn on the cob dishes and a cute set of banana split dishes .... I love them! Keep up the good thrifting!


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