Monday, June 28, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Thrift Store Yarn Project #4: More Tiny Sweaters!

As my portable project for our recent road trip, I brought along a my current thrift store yarn knitting project--practice variations on my tiny sweaters. It was a fun and successful project, and now I can see how my ideas need to be refined!

I've been thinking about how my pattern might be adapted to be more detailed, so I tried adding the snowflake pattern from my tiny mitten project to the front of the red sweater. I think it definitely works, but as Red Sweater Version One shows, the motif needs to me moved up just a bit from the imaginary person's tummy to his chest! Hope to find a few more small motifs to try.

All three sweaters were made with the same pattern and the same #1 needles, and it's interesting to see how the seemingly small difference in the yarn weight changes the size of the finished item--this could definitely be a problem in an item meant to actually worn! The bodies range from 1-1/2" wide and 2" high to 2-1/4" high by 2" wide. Apparently the blue yarn is just a little heavier than the red.

The deep pink cardigan is also a variation on the same basic pattern, divided down the front with a knit-on ribbing added. I think the ribbing seems a little wide, even though it's only tow rows. Hmmm--we'll see. I do think I have some very tiny buttons that will be just the thing!

I suppose this whole project is about research, since I'm not sure how I'll use the tiny sweaters except as Christmas ornaments, but I'm having fun and accumulating information. Maybe I'll work toward small doll sweaters! I'll have to get out Grandma Barbie, my own 1961 doll. . .

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  1. If your tiny buttons end up too big, you can always use seed beads. :) You're amazing!


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