Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrift Store Table, Part 2

My vintage gate leg table is well on its way to charming! I was actually inspired by a magazine photo of a similar table which was in fact charming and appealing, and realized after all these years that what my table really needed was an update in the shape of the leaves!

I've been agonizing over the permanent nature of the change for a while now--what if I got the curve wrong? What to do with the now-routed edges? So when Daughter #3 and hubby came recently to finish off my continuing small remodeling project, I put their excellent senses of design on the job.

We decided to eliminate all the routed edges. S-I-L sketched out a pleasing curve which we marked on a line of masking tape to reduce the chance of splintering from the saw, and the expert made the cuts and trimmed off the routed side edges of the stable section.

After--cute and charming!

Before--clunky and awkward.

It's transformed already! I have to say that I am now willing to make the effort to sand and paint all the turnings! We were thinking a warm brown. . . what do you say? I'll report back, and get a photo with the leaves open--if it ever stops raining!


  1. WOW -- it doesn't even look like the same table! Can't wait to see it painted!

  2. Great job in changing the shape!! I've seen Designers redo tables by cutting them in half but not this way! Have you thought about painting the legs a dark color & the top a light color?? I've seen one with black legs & a light apple or pear green top with a bit of stenciling just on the curve.

  3. I think I have that exact same table in a lighter finish, how funny. I think it looks great rounded and I may even try to round mine out now that I see it. Thanks for sharing!


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