Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Sampler Quilt, Part 3--Back and Binding

I've found the binding and backing for my scrap/sampler quilt--I love stripes for a binding, so I'll use these blotchy purple stripes I got at the thrift store a while ago and added to my stash. The purple paisley is a thrift store find of Care's--she got yards of it years ago for almost nothing, and has used it in several projects.

The stripe pattern almost looks damaged by the splotches, but Care says it's actually intentional since she's seen it in other colors. The paisley even has a little green with the purple to coordinate with the top! This project should about finish it off.

I'm attaching the pieced border, but I fear I made a basic mistake--correctable, but annoying! I cut 3" squares from my scraps without taking into account the actual length of the sides of the quilt. Should have measured the length and divided it, to come out more equal. Each strip is about 1-1/2", or half a square, too long!

No problem, though. I suppose I could just cut one of the squares smaller on each side, but that would detract, so I'm fiddling the length of each border by increasing some of the seams just a teeny bit. I'll take in as many of the border seams as it takes, by stitching the existing seams again--about 1/16" wider. It will never show--the eye will just assume they all match. It's working!

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  1. It's looking lovely! But don't worry, no one will notice the difference in the borders.


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