Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thrift Thursday--Fabulous Cat Figurine!

Let me just say that I do love cats! I've always had a cat in my life--they just make me happy!

I found this rather Egyptian cat figurine at a local thrift store for $1.50--according to a friend, she's from a rather pricey home and garden sculpture company. The cat is made from cast metal with a subtle light patina, is about 11" high, and is holding a 3" by 4" dish, which my friend Pam suggests I should fill with Kit-Kat bars!

I love this kitty's clever style! Even though I have to admit that I am completely figurine impaired, I have a collection of fun and witty cat figurines, mostly of hand carved and painted wood, that really appeal to me. Most of them have come from thrift stores over several years-- I'll post them some time.

Thrift store tip: as you wander the aisles of the thrift store, go ahead and pick up the items that appeal to you and put them in your cart! You may end up putting most of them back, but it will help you develop an eye for what you like, and keep them from being snapped up while you are thinking!


  1. You have a number of my favorite things here... cats, of course, Egypt (if only sorta), red!, and functional art items! :)
    Love it!
    Oh & you've inspired me... I'm attempting my first quilt... in miniature! (and my first in general)... It's not going to have very even stitching or squares, but I think it might resembles a quilt when I'm done! ;)

  2. Of course your tip is also good for flea markets. Never leave something at a table you love cause it wont be there when you get back (if you can find the table again that is if its a big flea market lol)

  3. I'd fill it with Swedish fish.


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