Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Holidays--Leftovers

With several no-longer-interesting remnants of holiday treats lurking in the fridge last week, it was time to move on--and I can NOT waste food. How to re-do and rescue the bits?

Half a small platter of layered bean dip. Hmmm, burritos? Still boring. How about Refried Bean Soup? I warmed some prepared refried beans and added chicken broth from a base, and stirred the bean dip in until it just melted in. The sour cream, cheese, beans and salsa of the dip added just the touch, served with the last crumbled remnants in the tortillla chip bag. A definite success!

Two small cheddar, cream cheese, and walnut garlic cheese balls. Garlic toast? The nuts may not add. How about a creamy pasta dish? I stirred small chunks of the cheese balls into some hot cooked linguine, and sprinkled it with green onion. Not bad-- and not an enormous success. I suppose you can't win them all.

Maybe the single serving of coconut-vegetable curry would have made a good turnover, but I ate it. Wait--it would have been good over those leftover boiled potato chunks. . .

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  1. Inspired. Especially since I don't want to cook lately, and we still have much of Ted the Turkey in the freezer.

    I can't believe we left any curry.


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