Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Leftover

Oops--I meant to post this fun, fast, and festive little project during the holidays! I'm planning to make some more for Valentine's Day, and maybe some to use as get-well wishes for flu season. I'll post them then!

The idea for these cute little tissue pouches has been around for years--and it's still a fun idea for a quick and inexpensive small gift. You will need:

Dollar store tissue pouches (8 for $1.00)
Fabric scraps
Scraps of double fold bias tape and trim

l. If you're using dollar store tissue packets like mine (see below), cut a rectangle of fabric 5 by 61/2 inches. If yours are different, cut a rectangle of fabric as long as your tissue packet and as wide as the circumference of the packet.) The short ends will be the opening.

2. Using your bias tape, carefully bind the short ends of the rectangle.
Tips for using bias tape:

a. One side of double fold bias is wider than the other--
the narrower side is the top, or stitching side.

b. Be very careful not to stretch the tape as you sew, or the edge will pucker.

c. I think it's better not to pin on a small application like this. Place the bias under the presser foot, take a few stitches close to its open edge, then lift the presser foot and open the fold. Working a short distance at a time, slide the fabric in and stitch close to the fold.

3. Add more trim along the edges if you like. Mark the middle of each long side with pins. Fold the bound ends in to the pin, right sides together. Pin and stitch both ends, using a 1/4" seam.

4. Turn to the right side and stuff tissue packet inside. My packets open at the ends, so I had to slit the packet along the middle with little sharp scissors.

That's it! Fast and fun.


  1. Thank yo for the tutorial. This makes a great stocking stuffer.

  2. I remember making these years ago. Yours are much cuter. thanks for the reminder

  3. What a cute, simple gift idea! Thank you for sharing the how-to.

  4. Oh, I see them in fabrics suitable to be carried by the mothers of the bride and groom in a wedding.

  5. Wow! These are so easy!! I have already sewed several of these up!

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I have been side tracked by your blog tonight with lots of lovely things that you are sharing, so I have joined up and I am now following you!


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