Monday, January 25, 2010

Food Serendipity

An odd food serendipity occurred after dinner yesterday.

I had made Chicken Adobo--chicken braised in a savory vinegar/soy sauce/garlic liquid--and a fresh orange vinaigrette for a salad of romaine, pears, nuts, and avocado. The chicken was great, and the salad was good, but not as truly delightful as I had anticipated.

During our after dinner cleanup, my husband and I each poured some of the remaining adobo sauce into a partly filled cup on the counter, which it turned out had not contained adobo sauce at all, but the rest of the vinaigrette. Horrors! Wasted food! But wait...a small taste revealed a truly delicious combination of flavors, deep and chickeny and fruity. Very tasty. Hmmm.

Tonight's dinner. . .how about chicken cutlets with a tangy Asian fusion-style sauce, served over rice?


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