Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kids' Aprons

Here are the examples from our monthly church sewing group's apron evening, made completely from scraps (except for the dollar store markers!) The pear print is a Martha Stewart dishtowel from my kitchen drawer, with a scrap applique and rickrack from my Mom's ribbon and trim stash. The green-and-floral fabrics are from our 5-generation quilt project, with girly sash and button from grandma's button box. The pencil print craft apron is made from a scrap from a previous project, green contrast from my fabric stash, and dollar store scented markers in the pockets. Pencils and scissors would be a fun addition to the craft apron. Fun and inexpensive personalized gifts!


  1. Very cute aprons! Do you have a pattern you like to use? These would make wonderful little gifts and learning projects for our children to learn to sew.


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