Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fifth Generation Scrap Quilt

No, not generations of humans--this quilt is the fifth we have made from this batch of fabrics!
Apparently we overbought for the first quilt, an assignment for daughter Elizabeth's college quilting class. After making three quilts herself, E. passed them on to me, and I have since made two smaller quilts for baby granddaughters. (Of course, a few new pieces have sneaked in along the way.)

Quilt #4 featured small blocks pieced of strips, with semicircles cut out. Quilt #5 features those semicircles transformed into balls. The pieced border is from leftover strips from quilt #1. Appliqued bias scraps form the corner circles.

I have to confess I was forced to buy a piece of fabric for the back, as nothing in my stash seemed to work. But I assembled the batting from good-sized scraps! The remaining shoebox full of bits and pieces has gone back home to Elizabeth for another project (or projects?) We'll keep you posted!

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