Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bed for the Twin Kittens

My Twin Kittens projects has morphed and expanded--the little kitties seemed to need a cozy place to nap!

Since this is still a scrap project, I poked around the house to find a base to work with and came up with a square plastic ice cream bucket.  I cut it off 2-2/14 inches from the bottom with my Xacto blade, and had my frame.

This cute floral stripe print came from my Mom's stash and goes well with the kitties' dresses--the fabric for the sheet and pillowcase is a fat quarter that was left over from a bundle.  I measured the top of the base and cut a strip of fabric that length (plus seam allowance), wide enough to extend down inside the base.

I cut the ruffle about 1-1/2 times the length of the first strip, and  2-1/4 wide after hemming--the same measurement as the height of the base, so it will just cover the outside--then ruffled it onto the shorter strip and sewed the two ends together, making a circle.  The seam allowance of the ruffle is hot-glued to the upper outside edge of the base, then the flat strip is hot-glued down the inside.

I cut three layers of leftover glazed quilt batting the size of the base to make the mattress, and covered them with my fat quarter fabric.  I did cover the entire thing like a cushion, but it occurs to me the fabric could just be hot-glued around the mattress, since it's glued in place anyway! 

 The little pillow is made of some more of my leftover glazed batting, folded and hand stitched into a pillow shape, and the pillowcase sized to fit.

 It became obvious that the bed needed a handle so that Baby K can carry it around, so I covered a strip of thrift-store plastic canvas from my stash with the last length of floral stripes and then poked a hole in each end with my awl, making corresponding holes in the sides of the bed..  (A little FrayCheck takes care of any raveling.)  There is  a button on the inside and outside at each side of the bed, stitched together through the hole so that the handle can rotate.

The twin kittens look warm and cozy in their new bed!


  1. Oh, it's purr-fect! (I couldn't resist). Wonderfully done! :-)

  2. I need to hug them. Cleverly done, as usual, Wendy.


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