Monday, July 9, 2012

Miniatures Monday--A Tiny Yard Sale

It's been a busy spring and summer on the grandma front, and many miles have been logged!  Between grandma gigs:  a new project!

My tiny Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls seem to be clamoring for a place of their own, so I've carved out a small apartment for them on one of my sewing room shelves.  In the tradition of first-time renters everywhere, the girls have checked their grandmas' attics and headed out to yard sales--in search of furnishings with potential!

I'll be following their progress!


  1. So cute I'm looking forward to seeing how there new place turns out

    1. Thanks! It's coming along! There are always more ideas to add in to the plan--there's a new plan to add a loft!

  2. Thanks for the idea of making a home for the dolls on a shelf in the sewing room. As of now my dolls are just standing at attention on a shelf of the sewing cabinet. Maybe I could add some furniture and make it their "home".


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