Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrift Thursday--Dishwasher Serendipity

Yes--it's the inside of my beloved and well-used dishwasher, after it's recent happy (and oddly cost-free) update.

My old friend is about 14 years old, and still going strong except for one strange thing--we seem to have a fatal effect on the racks. The wires rust through, the hinged parts come loose, and the little fingers rust away and fall into the bottom. I honestly don't believe we treat them any differently than other people--no one carves away the vinyl, or chews on the wires--but they wear out at an alarming rate.

For the first replacement, seven or eight years ago, I looked into replacing the racks and found that new ones would cost over $300.00--not cost effective.

So, we went to the local on-line shopping site and found a defunct dishwasher just like ours for $25.00, and offered them $25.00 for the set of racks, which (although the machine was indeed as old as ours) were in great condition. Triumph!

Time and wear have taken their toll again, and a few Fridays ago I came to the conclusion that we could wait no longer. I would commence my search for used racks on Monday.

On that Saturday, we went to Baby K's birthday party at Other Grandma's house. After a while, I noticed she had replaced her dishwasher and the old racks were sitting out on the patio table, waiting to be dragged away. They looked familiar. . . sure enough, exactly like mine! And again, though as old as mine, in excellent condition. A small blessing!

Thanks, Grandma J! They have a good home again.

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