Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thrift Thursday--'50's Girl Makes a Comeback!

On a thrift store outing several years ago, I found this sad 1950's girl, and snatched her up--for only $1.00, and in a vintage dress! She was in excellent shape, except for her poor, sad hair. I'm afraid her last owner must have been a scissors-happy child, and I've been thinking how best to help her ever since. (My apologies to her for the extremely unflattering photo.)

She has blue sleep eyes that still work well, and is nicely made but unmarked. 8" dolls were very popular in the 1950's--happy childhood memories! (I still have my own '50's girl, and many of her little things.)

So, I have finally become brave, and decided to just go ahead and re-root her hair. Since this is a thrift-store project, I found a long haired donor doll for only $2.00--we need not feel sad for her, as she had met with an accident and will continue on in a new form! Armed with on-line instructions, I have cut off all remaining hair and proceeded.

'50's girl is all vinyl, so I was able to take off her head and work from inside with a fine crochet hook. The donor doll provided plenty of hair--the whole thing was a little tricky, but my technique is improving! (Hope the graphic photo doesn't make anyone queasy!)

Next step--her hairstyle. It seems that 1950's 8-inch dolls all had wavy or curly hair--not sure what to do about that.

We'll see.

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