Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Uphostery Sample Heart--a Question!

My husband and daughter Lol once came home from a yard-sale outing with a gift for me--a BIG box, full of good-sized upholstery samples! I'm still having fun pulling them out occasionally for use in my scrap projects.

Last Valentine's day I saw a fun heart-shaped fabric door decoration--a slightly irregular-shaped, lightly padded heart. This year I decided to make my own version from scraps, so I pulled out my box of samples.

I love this floral--very romantic! I sketched a heart on a scrap of dollar-store foam core (mine is about 16" tall by 14" wide), and cut it out, then cut a couple of layers of scrap quilt batting in the same shape, plus one somewhat smaller to go underneath and make it more puffy. I cut out the heart shape from my fabric and added 1" all around to allow me to glue it to the back of the foam core.

I made 1/2" snips all around the fabric piece , about 1" apart, to help the back to lie smooth, layered it all together, and glued the edges of the fabric to the back of the foam core with my glue gun, then I hot-glued the whole thing to a heart cut from mat board to make it more sturdy and add dimension.

And now I'm a little stuck--it certainly needs some embellishment. I'm thinking fat cording around the edges? Green? A sheer bow at the center top? Tufting. . .?


  1. An arrow shooting threw it? Maybe a fabric flower to match the fabric.

  2. What about if you attach a fat, shiny ribbon bow at the top to hang it up? The bow would go over the nail or hook, and ends of the ribbon would overlap the top of the heart.

  3. how about some fat ric rac outlining it, glued on the back? maybe in pink or white?

  4. oooh, I love the rickrack idea! And the dangly ribbon idea!


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