Thursday, December 16, 2010

Felted Sweater Slippers!

I dearly love my annual pajama project for my grandkids, carrying on the family Grandma Christmas Pajama tradition for the third generation. And I seem to have an parallel annual tradition--the one where I tell myself, "This year I'll just have that all finished early and be ready." And then find myself sewing madly in the middle of December.

This week, I'm sewing like crazy. (Family, avert your eyes!)

This year I thought I might change it up a bit--I've been collecting and felting wool thrift-store sweaters for projects, and thought they'd make warm and festive slippers. Martha Stewart Crafts has a great on-line pattern for slippers made of felt, which seemed adaptable (you can make any size pattern by enlarging with a photocopier). I added the cuff.

One big concern: this plan sounds slippery. Thinking of non-slip soles, I found a vinyl upholstery remnant at Hancock's ($6.00 a yard) in a very neutral gray-beige that seems durable and goes with other colors well, and also appeared less slippery than the others. My test pair proved it was a good choice.

Martha's pattern worked very well--I added an insole of felted sweater, basting the it to the vinyl sole right sides together, and the contrast band is stitched to the top of the slipper, right sides together. The seam allowance is then turned down inside and stitched in place.

I feel a tutorial coming up--but not this week!

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  1. I found at Joann's actual material with the rubber nubs on it. Like you would find on the bottom of kids footie jammies. My daycare provider, when asked what she wanted for Christmas this year, told me she wanted footie pajamas that were not made of fleece. So I am going to attempt to make her some and I got that special material for the feet. This should be interesting, I have never used a real pattern before or made adult sized anything since 7th grade home-ec class and that was eons ago. ;)


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