Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dollar Store Souvenir Magnet!

I have to admit that I love to bring home place-name magnets as souvenirs. Here's my latest addition to the fridge, dollar store style!

We did several days of travel and one day in Calgary, and managed to take in three fabric stores, a thrift store, and a wonderful dollar store, Dollar Giant--which it seems actually charges $1.25 Canadian.

At Dollar Giant, I found my ketchup and my dill pickle potato chips, my Canadian chocolate bars, and this pair of Canadian flag car stickers--they're self-stick, and it looks like they're aluminum. Back at home, I peeled off the backing and stuck them to the front of one of those lame freebie advertising magnets which I've been saving for craft purposes (sorry, Action Plumbing!), and trimmed around them with scissors. That's it! I can think of my travels while cooking and cleaning.

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  1. I'm a transplant to Canada and shop at Dollar Giant quite often. They only recently began charging $1.25, and I was not happy when they did! LOL It's actually a pretty decent dollar store, and about the only one that truly charges just a dollar (plus 25 cents!). I've gotten a lot of card-making supplies there - good selection. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Canada. We love it here!


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