Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Thrift Collection--Carved Cats!

I've accumulated a fun group of carved cats from thrift stores over the last few years! I'm a cat lover--and I think these are all Indonesian carvings, which makes me happy because my husband lived in Indonesia for a while. I love them!

I think they are absolutely charming, but thinking about it now I wonder if they don't look...well, a little more sinister than I had thought. A little on the Halloween side? But they each have such personality and individuality! I picked them up weeks and even months apart, but they're such a nice grouping. Makes me wonder if there isn't a kind of thrift store fate in operation--or maybe it's just the subconscious at work over time!

All my thrift store collections just seem to have happened--I didn't set out to start them, but they came together over the course of time and repeated thrift store outings. I have to say that right now I am kicking myself for not picking up a tiny wooden dresser a few weeks ago. I have found another, and it could have been the start of a great grouping. . .

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  1. I love your cats - and you got them at a thrift store - where do you live, I'm moving there.


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