Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrift Thursday: Little Mitten--Thrift Store Yarn Project #3

My tiny sweater inspired me to try knitting some tiny mittens, so I combined a couple of patterns and ideas and came up with this little guy--I have never worked with two colors at once, so there were a couple of starts and re-starts. It's definitely a whole new skill!

This mitten is definitely a prototype--I think the thumb is too long, and the snowflake design is definitely not centered in the space. I'm working on Mitten Mark II and improving my pattern, and I think a pair of little mittens on a string will be a great Christmas ornament!

I am using my trusty size 1 straight needles and some yarn from my selection of lighter-wieght thrift store yarn. These skeins are wool, and labeled 'Fleisher's Ever-match Sport and Sweater', and they seem to be from the late 50's or early 60's--the manufacturer's address doesn't have a zip code!

Check out these mittens I made from the same pattern and needles, with a fairly light-weight worsted yarn--the weight of the yarn makes them almost twice as big, and also too stiff!
The striped mittens remind me of bees--wonder if I could make black and yellow bee mittens?


  1. Those would look adorable on a Christmas tree :o)

  2. Your sweater and mittens are sooooo cute. What is the name of the book that you use? I don't know why you say you can't knit. Your baby sweater is adorable. When I decided to learn to knit (self taught) I made a "sailor" type sweater. I grumbled and complained the whole time. It was hard! I gave it to my oldest little girl for her 2nd birthday. With hand on hip she looks at me and says "you 'spect me to wear THAT?" I looked at her and said "YES!!" I am sad to say I never have got much better but every once in a while I try again. Is it hard to make things so small?


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