Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dress-Ups, Part 1--Treasure Box

All this year my daughters and I have been collecting girly things from thrift stores and yard sales, stashing them away with an eye toward a fabulous dress-up box for the little girls' Christmas.

This month we opened the stash and felt like kids ourselves at the assortment of fabric and treasures we had to work with!

When we found this 60's sewing box for $1.50 at the thrift store last month we knew it was the perfect thing to hold our collected treasures and adornments! We pried off its broken handle and covered the holes with dollar store jewels, then padded the lower compartment and lined it with some sparkly fabric.

The compartments of the clear upper tray, which were meant for notions, show off the fabulous jewel collection. The giant jewelled rings are from the party favors aisle at the dollar store: lots of bling for $1.00! They display beautifully on the bobbin spindles, next to the pretend makeup (made from nail polish and empty makeup compacts.) In the lid pocket are some shiny plastic bracelets.

Under the tray are our accumulated glittery necklaces, belts, wands, crowns, and masks-- and plenty of room for additional treasures!

We added some old stretchy gold spring-style belts, which were easily shortened to child size by prying off one buckle finding, cutting the belt with wire cutters, and crimping the finding back on. A length of stretchy sequin trim and velcro made another fabulous belt.

Our long, long lengths of fused-style beads were cut and glued into child size necklaces.

Lots of creative fun for a very small investment--and the girls will have fun, too!

More about the dress-up clothes to come.


  1. How about adopting me too :D
    Cute, and fun, and so much more fun because of the thrift!

  2. Great idea! How fun. I would have loved that as a child!


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