Monday, December 7, 2009

Dollar Store Santa Dollies--Part 2

I have equipped my dollar store Santa dollies and sent them out into the world to sub for Santa! I have to admit it was hard to let them go--almost like sending my children off to school.

Each doll has a blanket; jammies and a knit hat; a sundress, head band, and bloomers; a bib; a diaper; and a diaper bag to carry everything, at a cost of about $2.25 each. My challenge to myself was to make fun gifts for four little girls, while spending as little as possible. Here is the breakdown:

-four DOLLS from the dollar store--$1.oo each

-four lined DIAPER BAGS with inner and outer pockets, made from a piece of pink twill someone gave me--lining, flowers and yoyos from scraps, buttons from the button box--free

-four 18X18 inch BLANKETS from flannel scraps--free

-four pairs of JAMMIES with KNIT HATS made from my granddaughters outgrown infant sleepers (see previous post)--free

-four DIAPERS and BIBS made from flannel scraps, plus ribbon and
velcro from my mom's ribbon-and-trim stash--free

-four HEADBANDS made from one pair of knee-high hose, a bit of ribbon trim and buttons from the button box--$.35

-four SUNDRESSES and BLOOMERS from a thrift store fabric remnant. The rickrack is from my mom's ribbon-and-trim stash. Although it pained me, I was forced to buy the buttons, as none from my button boxes were just right--$4.36 total

Four cute presents: $8.71. Fun of creation: priceless.


  1. So cute! Some little girls are going to be very happy!!!

  2. Everything turned out so, so cute!

    I think you're right; there is often more fun in MAKING AND GIVING cute things than HAVING cute things!!!

  3. I started following your blog. It's really great. You do a good job.

  4. That is awesome! The little girls to get those dolls will be thrilled. I'm looking forward to making my daughter's dolls a few outfits using these ideas too. Since her kind and loving brother had a habit of stripping her dolls and hiding their clothes..boys...LOL

  5. Darling! So glad I came across your blog... I have four daughters, ages 16 to 27. They aren't married yet but one day I will love making these for grand children. : ) My girls would have loved these little church-babies! : ) I will have to follow your blog...I just love your ideas.

  6. What a wonderful idea and I bet the little girls who recieved these gift packages were thrilled. I just found your blog and loving your ideas and tuts. Thank you for sharing.


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