Monday, November 30, 2009

A Problem

I've been in the midst of a discussion with my local Sears store for some time now--but that is a long and arduous problem not to be discussed here. Please, however, allow me to share just one tidbit from my latest exchange, this time with their national customer service. The very helpful and courteous representative offered to connect me with the company's specialists at their National Customer Relations Office. Eager for help, I agreed. I was put straight through to the 800 number--which turned out to be some kind of adult chat line.

Do I laugh or cry?


  1. OMG, Thats disgusting. I would be reporting the person who gave you that number, its not on at all. Such Poor Customer Service. It makes me sooo mad when I hear about things like this.

  2. Check out its a great site for consumers and there have been posts of other people and how they resolve issues with companies.

  3. that exact thing happened to me when I called sears customer service with a problem with my washer. I called back all kinds of mad, and the manager just blew me off. Report it. It can't be a cooincidence if it happened to both of us. that's disgusting! (thanks for the tent tutorial by the way!)

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