Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Stocking from Placemat, #l

I been having fun strolling through the Christmas items at the dollar store. This year they have a lot of fun placemats--just what I need to make inexpensive stockings to hold some projects I have in mind! I chose three different blue ones--strange since I normally don't do blue at all.

This blue 'linen' was printed with white outline stitches. One placemat made both front and back. I made a stencil of a stocking shape and used it to view the snowmen, and to place the cut-out stocking shape as a pattern. I cut around the pattern piece, adding a 3/8" seam allowance. I cut the back from the reverse, plain side.

I had fun stitching over the printed lines with some doubled white baby yarn I had on hand, and adding the arms and features with scraps of orange and brown.

The loop is from a scrap of the placemant and the cuff is from white polar fleece and ball fringe I had on hand. Festive! More stockings here and here.


  1. So cute! I saw some holiday dish towels at the dollar store with some ball fringe trim, too! :)

  2. That is really lovely, I would never have thought of making a placemat or Dish towels into a stocking!

    I plan on making some homemade stockings too eventually. I'm only new to sewing tho. :-)

  3. Very pretty! What an easy idea, but I would not have thought of a stocking either. Maybe I'll check out my local Dollar Tree - just what I need - another project on my mind...

    Thank you from sharing.

  4. I LOVE this! I am working on a Christmas series and would love to feature this post. I'd need to use one of your photos so would like your permission (did not see any other way to contact you about it). Please email me:
    theluckywife (at) thesaturdayeveningpot (dot) com.

    What a great idea. :)


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