Monday, September 14, 2009


Pillowcases make a fun, personal, and simple gift for birthdays and holidays! Holiday prints and character prints are both perfect for the project, and can be suited to the recipient. And it's a perfect opportunity to re-use: a mint-condition 1991 WWF wrestling sheet from the thrift store made four fun pillowcases for our grown sons--happy memories, and a total of $3.00 spent!

For each pillowcase, you will need:
*3/4 yard of 45"fabric for main piece
*1o inches of 45" contrast fabric
for the band
*1" of 45 " second contrast fabric for optional flat piping

l. Lay out the 3/4 yard fabric. On the fold, cut a rectangle 21" wide by 26" long . (It will be 42" by 26" when opened out.)
2. Cut a strip 10" wide across the contrast fabric.
3. Cut a narrow 1" strip across the second contrast for optional flat piping.
4. Fold the 10" contrast strip lengthwise and press the fold.
5. Fold the 1" contrast strip lengthwise and press the fold.
6. Pin the narrow contrast strip to one wide (42") edge of main piece, right sides together and raw edges together. Stitch, using 1/4" seam.
7. Pin the 10" contrast strip on top of stitched-on narrow contrast strip, all raw edges together. Stitch, following previous seam. Serge or zigzag raw edges to finish and press seam toward body of pillowcase.
8. Trim ends of the contrast bands even with edges of main piece.
9. Place right sides together and pin along remaining two raw edges. Stitch with 1/4" seam, then zigzag or serge seam to finish. Clip across the two bottom corners to reduce bulk, turn, and press.

How about using a pillowcase as the gift wrap for another present? Two gifts in one!

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