Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two Words I Never Thought I'd Combine: Hippo Swimsuit!

Tasha the Backyardigan Hippo has returned to my house yet again, with another request from the girls:  she and her friends need swimsuits for the wading pool.  The question arises:  what does a hippo swimsuit LOOK like?

In consideration of Tasha's, er, fitting problems,  I quickly concluded she will look best in a tankini.  My previously drafted pattern was easily adapted for the top, but the trunks took a bit of trail and error--especially around the, uh, hip area. 

For more unusual projects (such as hippo clothing!)  I usually begin drafting the pattern by folding a piece of paper around the item, sketching on lines, cutting, and refining.  I stitch a 'muslin' (fitting garment) from similar fabric and continue refining until I'm happy with the fit--two or three rounds this time.  But if ever another hippo needs a swimsuit, I'm prepared!

(Tasha's fabulous fabric is a scrap from an alteration project, and her beach chair is a thrift store find-I think it was a candle holder.)

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  1. According to the book, "the Belly Button Book" Hippos like their swimsuits too little so you can see the button in their middle :)

    oh, and we all love a poem we read in BabyBug magazine about another hippo:
    Helen Hipsway loved to dance,
    she wiggled so much she lost her pants!!

    If you are like me, you love a little hippo and belly button humor :)


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