Monday, April 16, 2012

Miniatures Monday--Hippo Princess

Yet another Backyardigan couture creation! Tasha the hippo has come back to my house to be transformed--this time from hippo mermaid to hippo princess.

Joy-Joy and Tasha came to visit, and together we carried out Tasha the Backyardigan's dream--to become a hippo princess. J-J and I went through the doll scraps, and came up with a plan for her fabulous dress: pink satin from an old bridesmaid's dress, and an over-skirt from a scrap of white sheer that has a pattern of flocked, fuzzy hearts. I sewed while Joy went through the bead stash and created a new tiara, complete with fancy dangling drop bead. The dress is adapted from the previous pattern I made for Tasha's mermaid costume.

Tasha is looking and feeling fabulous!


  1. What an amazing project. That little girl is going to have some amazing memories.

    1. It truly was big fun, I must admit!


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