Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scrap Project--Hippo to Mermaid

Joy-joy called to say her beloved hippo, Tasha (one of the Backyardigans), desperately needed a mermaid costume, so Tasha came to my house for a visit via U.S. Postal Service.

Being a sitting hippo, Tasha has some interesting fitting problems! I started by taking a pattern from her original sleeveless a-line dress for the bodice, then figured out the lower back by tracing around her as she sat. The back bodice connects to the lower back in a curve around her. . .ah, hips.

I shortened the front bodice pattern piece to about her waistline, then figured out the lower front--the lower front piece attaches smoothly to the upper front in a curve, then flares out to allow some space for her big hippo feet. The extra width in the leg area is controlled by gathers and stitched to the flat bottom piece, and the finished tail is encased in that seam.

I have to admit that if I ever make another hippo mermaid costume (and I don't really suppose that need will arise!), I will change the tail a bit--it could be more exaggerated and fabulous! Tasha started her journey home before I could get a back photo, but the center back closes with velcro.

Tasha's tiara is made from a scrap of memory wire and some beads from my stash. Her outfit is completed by a glittery, stretchy bead bracelet and a 'jewel' stitched to her finger for a ring!

It's all a scrap project--or maybe a stash project--since I only used materials used on previous projects.

Hope she and Joy-joy have fun!


  1. Thanks, Glenda! Joy-joy reports her delight, and especially likes the ring!


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