Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Small Odd Jars and Free Apricot Jam (Almost)!

I just love small, odd jars. I am completely unable to resist them, and they accumulate throughout each year on a shelf downstairs. I love their size and shape and shine. Small jam jars, jelly jars, maraschino cherry jars, artichoke jars--they make me happy!

When fruit season comes, I like to fill them with freezer jam and stash them away for the winter. A little taste of summer is a good thing when it's cold and dark outside!

This week the apricots on the tree at the abandoned house around the corner were finally ripe--it's been a very late year for fruit. I've been eying them on my walks, and finally couldn't resist picking a few to make a batch of jam--I do hate to see food wasted!

Most freezer jam uses pectin and corn syrup, but since this is a low- to no-cost project, I decided to try a more bare-bones approach. I found a recipe for sugar-free, artificially sweetened freezer jam, which I haven't tried before, and added some canned crushed pineapple--this recipe uses ClearGel, an instant powder, for thickening.

There was about 8 cups of jam in the end: jars, lids and fruit were free, and the ClearGel, sweetener and pineapple were on hand. Pretty inexpensive--but I'll have to get back to you on the flavor. I tend to think that the flavor of apricots is improved and intensified by cooking, but maybe the fresh fruit flavor will balance out that factor!

We'll see when winter comes.


  1. love your jars..i used to have a major jar issue but i'm now trying to be more sensible..not easy sometimes..your jam recipe is quite unusual..we tend to just boil the fruit and sugar to setting point..and i've never seen freezer jam here..i'm looking forward to hearing how your delicious looking jam tastes..jane

  2. I share a love of all glass jars! Your son, however, thinks they are a nuisance. But not when they have raspberry jam in them.


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