Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dollar Store T-Shirt--Updated!

Last year my local dollar store had a great supply of good-quality t-shirt seconds, so I bought several in the biggest size available--some pretty colors, and plenty of material to work with.

On a trip to Hancock's recently (my current favorite fabric store), the clearance fabrics were on sale for 50% off--always a fun prospect. Among other possibilities, I found a green, sheer mesh knit that it seemed to me would go well with one of the shirts from my t-shirt hoard, so I bought 1/8 yard. Price for yardage: $.25!

Since spiral-flower motifs are all the rage right now, I've been wanting to try a dollar-store version. Posted above is my first attempt, and I'm excited to try some others and make a few improvements. Tutorial coming up!

Note: Since a standard t-shirt never provides a good fit, I've been fitting them for years--I've used different commercial patterns and taken patterns from my favorite shirts. Recently, I invested in the Perfect T-Shirt pattern from Pamela's Patterns, and I'm here to say it's great! The pattern comes in a full range of sizes, is easy to follow, and produces a great fit. So--I've been making (and re-making) a few T's for myself, and having fun.

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  1. Wow, the colors go together perfectly! GORGEOUS -- and a STEAL at $1.25!!


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