Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sphere Collection!

Bowls of decorative spheres have been a popular home accent for some time now, and this inspired an idea earlier this year--what might be their thrift-store equivalent? I added 'small round things' to my mental thrift store list, and it's been fun making a collection! They seem to be quite festive, so I think I'll just post them before Christmas comes.

This wooden plate was a thrift store find, and I like how the balls nestle on it, as well as how the different textures and colors of the balls contrast and coordinate.

My first find was the bigger middle ball--it seems to be a Central American ceramic of some kind, with a small firing hole in the back. The gold ball is a candle, and the green textured ball next to it really is a Christmas ornament. Next is a set of New-World-themed nesting balls, and then the baseball.

After the baseball is a large green jingle bell, and then what seems to be a carved wooden pineapple--at least it was with some other wooden fruit--and then a leather-covered and stitched ball of some kind. Bocce ball? Maybe someone knows.

As usual, I collected a few more things that didn't make the cut, at least in this grouping, but things often evolve--we'll see. I paid about$.50 for each item and $1.00 for the plate. Lots of fun, very little money!

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