Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something from Nothing

Coming as I do from a long line of thrifty and creative women, I must admit that 'something from nothing' projects are near and dear to my heart. In the past, every scrap of raw materials available were used to make the home and family more comfortable. Older items were remade to fill current needs.

I remember a quilt Grandma had made in the 1920's from sugar sacks, because that was what she had to work with, and she had a family to keep warm. Up and down and across it read 'U and I Sugar, U and I Sugar, U and I Sugar,' over and over again. It later lived out its usefulness as a mattress pad at the cabin, prized as an expression of its time. Grandma was a master at making beautiful clothing, quilts, and delicious food from the materials on hand.

Remaking things and using up extra bits and scraps, whether of fabric, food, clothing, or other odd bits, brings great satisfaction and a feeling of self reliance. I hope to share my own 'something from nothing' projects from time to time.

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